Insurance SEO is one of the most competitive niches and to show up in the first page of search engine results, -let alone the top five positions is one of the toughest things to accomplish for an Insurance SEO Specialist. Search engine algorithms change frequently, and any seasoned Insurance SEO Specialist would tell you that to stay ahead, you need to keep up with changes that Google and Bing make on an almost daily basis and be able to change up your organic search strategy if necessary. SEO is a reasonably old marketing practice, and it has evolved over the years. Once it was all about technique and a little search engine trickery, but now it’s about establishing a company as a thought leader and reliable brand, through curating and producing high-quality content. Ideally, your content should rise to the level of engaging users that hopefully compels them to share your brand messaging with their friends. When it was just about building links into websites, now it’s about earning those inbound links. As time has gone on there has been so much information built up on what to do and what not to do to rank a website, it’s hard for companies to know what works to get SEO results.

As mentioned earlier, Google is known to update its search engine algorithms regularly. With so many strategies and tactics to improve a website’s search engine visibility, it’s vital for insurance companies to know the tactics that work in this day and age.

Broaden Your Content Focus

Focusing your content around just one keyword no longer gets the same traffic results as it once did. Having the mindset of creating keyword-rich content is something we as SEO must stop thinking. Rather than trying to write keyword-rich copy focused on one keyword, introduce other words related to it. For example, I would target people who are searching on the keyword “car insurance” and create content around that specific keyword making I also talk on other things like “car insurance calculator” or “car insurance comparison.”

Action Tip:

One of the techniques I use when trying to find other relevant keywords or phrases is to ask Google. If your target “seed” keyword is “Car Insurance,” type that into Google and scrolls down to the “Searches related to” section and discover what Google thinks are similar words that the person might be interested in.  This area of the SERP helps a great deal in understanding the stated intents of your target customers. Once you know what these phrases are, make sure to include content around those terms on your web site. Something like a small car insurance calculator widget can be easily outsourced on sites like Freelancer or Upwork for $100. You’re sure to get your ROI since your creating value and a webpage that acts like evergreen content collecting quality natural traffic and links for years to come.

Insurance SEO Specialist Chart

Create Good Amazing Content!

You have heard me say this already that content is considered a significant factor in ranking a company’s website. If your users are not engaged with your content, you’re “missing the boat.” It used to be that to have good content was just enough to get gains in organic traffic, but now good does not cut it, your content must be amazing! Your website’s content should provide information that people want to read and engage with. Whether it’s getting your users to read your content, sharing it with a friend or better yet, taking action with purchasing your product or service, your content should engage your readers in some way. Gone are the days where an SEO can outsource copywriting work on for five bucks. Your insurance company’s content must provide value to your users and not just there to fill the page with words. Google’s algorithm is much more sophisticated these days and detecting “fluff” copy is easy for those smart engine bots. If you want to rank well and convert your visitors, be prepared to put some blood, sweat and tears into your content. If your insurance company is relatively new to the market be ready to spend much more time creating amazing content than those older more recognized brands like Manulife or Great-West.

Action Tip:

When deciding on the kind of content to create, the right idea is to find out what has worked for other competitors in the past. One of the tools I love to use for this type of research is called In a nutshell, Buzzsumo reports on the kind of content that performs the best in social channels for just about any given niche. You can also specify a list of your competitors to find out what’s worked for them. Go to Buzzsumo, enter four of your top competitor’s domain names and observe the results.

As you can see in the image below, All-State seems to understand the power of creating fantastic content that provides value to readers. Look at what’s working for your competition and create content that is more detailed and comprehensive. Instead of “4 life hacks to help conquer weather emergencies on the road”. Why not create a post on “Top 10 Hacks for Canadian drivers in winter”. Why reinvent the wheel, when you can make it better!

Buzzsumo Search Results for Insurance SEO Specialist